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Nursery 0 - 12 months

The crèche
Nursery (0 - 12 months)

We have a room dedicated to the provision of a safe yet stimulating environment, which ensures our children feel secure, valued and included. Our staff will support your baby’s learning by developing loving and secure relationships whilst encouraging them to use their skills to explore the world around them.

We have a calm room for sleeping which is separate from the playroom where each child has their own cot and bedding. This room is supervised by our staff team and supported by a sound monitor, linked to the main playroom.

Our staff team acknowledge your baby may be joining us having already established a home routine. We will strive to accommodate each child’s individual needs and we will work to foster positive relationships with parents to ensure a smooth transition from home to nursery life by offering a “Settling in Programme” which can be viewed in our Policies section.

Play is an important way for your baby to learn. Through play, babies learn about themselves and their place in the world. Carefully planned play opportunities are inbuilt to our daily routines and allow children to develop their social and language skills whilst expanding their physical and creative development. Our programmes provide opportunities for both indoor and outdoor learning and include: singing songs, shape sorting, looking at books, musical activities including using instruments, painting, heuristic play, block play, water play, and rhyme time to name but a few.

When your baby is ready for weaning, we will work closely with you regarding your chosen method – conventional or Baby Led Weaning. We are happy to discuss your child’s dietary requirements. Our meals can be prepared to the required consistency of purees or mashed foods for conventional weaning or chopped foods for the Baby Led Weaning programme.

Our staff team recognise children develop rapidly during the early years - physically, intellectually emotionally and socially and, therefore, will provide your child with a range of age appropriate play-based experiences that support and extend knowledge, skills, understanding and confidence.