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Childcare at Queen's - FAQ's

The following section contains some of the most commonly asked questions we are asked. We have divided them in to three categories:

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General FAQs

Do you have to commit to a full-time place?

Places which are not full-time will be for regular weekly hours. We cannot offer a drop-in service.

Can I reduce the number of days my child attends after they have started?

We require at least one month's notice of your request. Any such changes will be at the discretion of the Service and will be effective from the start of the following Semester. 

Can I increase the number of days / change which days of the week my child attends?                                                                                                 

This will depend on availability and will be accommodated where possible. Any such changes will be at the discretion of the Service.

Are your staff trained in First Aid?

Our Childcare Assistants and Supervisors all have Paediatric First Aid and this certificate is updated every three years.

Do you have CCTV in your Crèche and can I view it?


What happens if I am late picking my child up at the end of the day?

We expect parents/carers to be on time to pick up their children.  If lateness is unavoidable, we would appreciate being advised in advance.

Do inspections of the Childcare site take place?

The Childcare sites are all inspected annually by Early Years Social Workers from the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust.

Can I see a copy of the Registration Certificate and any inspection reports?

The Registration Certificate is displayed in all Childcare sites. Inspection reports are available on request from the Childcare Manager.

How early do I need to apply for a place with Childcare Services at Queen’s?

You should apply as early as possible.

Can I visit the Crèche before applying for a place?

Yes, you can call the crèche to make an appointment to visit the crèche at a suitable time so that you are not visiting during “sleepy time” and can see all the rooms.

Are all staff checked before being employed?

All staff are checked by Access NI and Social Services and must have a letter from Social Services before starting work.

I am not ready to tell my department I am pregnant, can I apply and keep it private?

Yes, we will keep this information confidential.

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Care Related FAQs

What should my child bring to Crèche?
Toothpaste, toothbrush, small comb, named bag and a change of clothes including underwear if potty training. Seasonally we request you provide wellies, raincoats, sunscreen and hats - all clothes and shoes must be labelled. Other items depending on the age of the child include nappies, wipes, nappy cream and a dummy if needed.

Are the same staff based in each room so there is continuity of care?
The same staff are based in each room for the duration of the academic year.

Do the children have their own bedding and how often is this washed?
Each child is provided with their own bedding and this is washed at least once a week.  There is a laundry room on site.

Is the food freshly prepared on the Crèche premises on a daily basis?
Yes, we have a chef on site.

Do you go for trips/walks?
Yes. If the staff to child ratio permits it.

How will my child’s progress be tracked throughout the Crèche?
For ages 0 – 2 years it is written and for 2 – 4 years it is verbal.

My child has special educational needs and disability (SEND) can they still attend Childcare Services at Queen’s?
It depends on the severity and additional needs.  It may be that our environment is not appropriate.

Is there a Key Person system?
Yes, to ensure the mapping of developmental progress.

Are there toys, books and activities that reflect all cultures?
Yes, toys, books and activities are provided to reflect different cultures.

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Payment Related FAQs

How are fees charged?
Fees are charged on a weekly basis. Part-time places are charged on a pro-rata basis.

What is the weekly charge for four days per week?
Part-time places are charged on a pro-rata basis.

Can I get my deposit back if I change my mind?
In your letter of offer it is stated that if a place is accepted and then later turned down, due to a change of mind, the deposit will not be refunded.

Is there a family discount if more than one child attends the Crèche?
Yes, 10% for second and additional siblings. 

Can I get any financial help with childcare costs?
Staff and students can use Childcare Vouchers and there is the HMRC Tax-Free Childcare Initiative. Staff also have the ‘Staff Salary Sacrifice Scheme’ and students can apply to various grants and funding.