Global Skills Project

Global Skills Project consists of nine exercises centered on skills development in areas such as public speaking, vlogging, blogging and broader communication.
The exercise are broken down into four individual exercises in each academic year of the 118 degree. When an exercise is complete they are awarded a digital badge and when all three exercises are complete they will receive a Level One digital badge. This is repeated in year two (culminating in a Level Two digital badge) and in year three (culminating in a Level Three badge).
When all three levels are complete (within the timeframe of the three-year LLB programme) they will receive a Global Skills Certificate from the Law School at QUB and are eligible for the Provider Verified (Formerly Route A) pathway to Degree Plus.
If a student decided not to advance and collect all nine digital badges then they may apply for the Combined Experience (Formerly Route B) pathway to Degree Plus by combining (for e.g.) year 1 of Global Skills with a different Combined Experience activity to ‘build’ Degree Plus.
For further information, please contact Dr Clare Patton