The Gender Network

The Gender Network is a staff and student led network running across the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. The network is open to students with an interest in gender-based issues. The group collectively decide on gender awareness campaigns to run over the course of the semester, which are then realised through events co-run with civil society actors. For example, last year the group raised the issue of women's imprisonment by hosting an event on International Women's Day with local feminist collective 'Reclaim the Agenda'; ran an event for Refugee Week with local activists Larne House Visitor Group; held a student-led panel on 'Everyday Sexism' with local civil and political actors; and held a special student-led showing of RBG in conjuction with QFT.

As an intersectional feminist organisation, the intersection of gender, race, class, sexual and gender identity are core to the events we run, which aim to raise awareness of intersectional gender issues, while engaging civil society and bringing the community into the academy.

For further information please contact directly.