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Volunteering (General)

Volunteering (General)

Volunteering enables you to develop new skills, improve your confidence, meet new people and enhance your employability all whilst you make a positive change to the world around you.

If you are currently volunteering within Queen’s or with an external organisation and have completed at least 12 hours of your role, you can allocate this as one of your extra-curricular activities towards Degree Plus Route B.  To verify your volunteering you can log your hours towards evidence certificates via Millennium Volunteers (if aged 25 and under) or Prestige Volunteers (if aged 26 and over).  You can register for either of these by contacting Alternatively you can supply an email or letter of verification of your volunteering hours from your volunteer co-ordinator.

If you are not currently volunteering but would like to start, you can contact for help in finding the perfect role for you.

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