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Centre for Translation and Interpreting Internships: Developing as a Language Specialist

Centre for Translation and Interpreting Internships: Developing as a Language Specialist

The Centre for Translation and Interpreting (CTI) interns will have a chance to participate in a variety of activities to develop core competences and skills required for a language service provider. For example, the interns can:

  • gain hands-on experience relevant to the translation and interpreting (T&I) industry;
  • work in teams to curate articles, blogs, videos and other forms of content for topic-specific columns by translating, trans-editing, or trans-creating content from English into other languages;
  • promote CTI and develop personal brands by creating quality content (via translation or copywriting) on CTI’s Information Hub (known as CTI Platform) and social media platforms;
  • develop skills and professional (and personal) connections by organising and participating in training sessions, team-building events, and networking opportunities;
  • nurture entrepreneurship by steering the evolvement of CTI Platform, designing new developmental and social activities for members, and regularly reflecting on and setting new goals for personal and collective progress.

In addition to the afore-mentioned activities aimed at both PGT and PGR students, some additional opportunities are designed for the PGR group, which can:

  • develop teaching competences by designing and delivering developmental activities, and observing, reflecting on, and improving teaching practices and learning outcomes via the iterative teaching design process;
  • develop research competences by taking part in regular group discussion on the educational and T&I literature and how they inform the design of the developmental activities, and to, in turn, conduct research on one’s own teaching design, practices, and outcomes.

For more information please contact Chen-En Ho