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Online Course(s) Outside Degree Subject

Online Course(s) Outside Degree Subject

This activity is open any student of any discipline and is intended to recognise personal skills and knowledge development in other subject areas by non-specialists, equating to a total of at least 30 hours. The chosen course(s) should be in addition and different to their degree studies and subject. The course(s) chosen should align with the student’s motivation to improve their graduate employment prospects or as a taster for potential further study in a different subject area e.g. a conversion Masters or other PG course.

Students who wish to complete this activity will be required to

- Completing a relevant approved, free online course from list shown below

- Submitting a short application form (note that the form and all other details/resources are explained and available within the MyFuture Step-by-Step Guide for this activity).

  • Complete by the common, advertised DegreePlus self-nomination deadline i.e.:

- 1st of April for those graduating in Summer

- 1st of November for those graduating in Winter

- Pre-Final Year students may also apply to either of the above windows to have their DegreePlus accreditation assessed and, if successful, awarded in advance of Final Year.

Approved providers of Free Online Courses are (Filter for Free Courses):

- Up to 1 week/30 hours of short business and leadership courses.

- New Ideas for Non-profit Leaders

- Introduction to Accounting and Financial Statements

- Data Science and IT courses E.g. Python & Javascript

- Systematic approaches to Policy Design

- Audio Signal Processing for Music Applications

- Careers in Media Technology

- Language, Proof and Logic

- Social & Economic Networks: Modules and Analysis

- Introduction to Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • OpenLearn (Open University Free Online Learning) E.g.

- Health, Sports & Psychology (various)

- Education & Development (various)

- Money & Business (various)

- Society, Politics & Law (various)

- Over 1000 courses in areas from Business, Creative Arts, Nature & Environment to Politics & Society, Law and Teaching

  • Coursera (specialising in Technology & IT courses at a range of levels: Beginner, Intermediate, mixed or advanced level courses E.g.

- Code Yourself- an introduction & Python for Everybody

- Cybersecurity

- Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies

  • Khan Academy Free course for everyone and personalised e.g. to your University Year Group. E.g.

- Personal Finance

- Careers and Entrepreneurship Courses

- Finance and Capital Markets

For more infomation students should complete the MyFuture Step-by-Step for Online Course(s) Outside Degree Subject