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Q-Step Work Placement

Q-Step Work Placement (Sociology, SP, SW L2 summer work placements)

As part of the UK-wide Q-Step initiative, we have a number of paid work placements for our Year 2 Sociology, Criminology and Social Policy students over the summer. The overall aims of the placements are to utilise the quantitative skills the student has gained over the course of their degree and apply these in a suitable work environment.

The main objectives include:

  • To provide students with the opportunity to gain real-life work experience before graduation;
  • To allow students to see the applicability of their quantitative research training in a work environment;
  • To encourage students to reflect on their career goals and aspirations.

In addition to the work placement, students hoping for Provider Verified (Formerly Route A) accreditation will need to design a poster, drawing on the research carried out in the workplace.

For more details, please contact Q-Step.

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