What activities can get accredited for DegreePlus?

There are two ways to gain DegreePlus accreditation:

Route A:  Apply directly and complete (in full) one of the Activities shown on the Route A webpage.


Route B:  Combine two or more of the activities and submit an application to degreeplus@qub.ac.uk.

Activities and the Application Form are all shown on the Route B webpage.


Do I need to apply for both Route A and Route B to get the award?

No, either route is fine, you won't need to do both but you can if you wish.  The DegreePlus certificate that you receive at graduation will state the two (or more) qualifying activities that you complete.


Do I need to submit an application form for both Route A and Route B?

No, you only need to submit an application to the DegreePlus team if you are applying via Route B. Each Route A activity provider will advise you of any relevant assessed requirements.


What are the deadlines for DegreePlus applications?

Route A deadlines vary according to which activity you undertake.  The actual deadline is set by the relevant provider.

Route B application deadlines are 1st April for students graduating in the summer, and 1st November for students graduating in December.


Should I wait until my final year to submit my DegreePlus application?

No, you can apply for DegreePlus at any stage during your time at Queen's and this will be "banked" until your graduation.  However, you must ensure to submit your Route B application before the deadlines (1st of April for those Summer graduations and 1st of November for Winter graduations).


Am I going to be awarded DegreePlus this year?

If you completed a Route A activity you should check with the activity provider to see if you are to be awarded DegreePlus.  If you applied via Route B before the advertised deadline, the DegreePlus Team will be in contact to let you know if you have been successful.


Who should I notify when I have completed a Route A activity?

If you wish to complete or have completed a Route A activity, you will be in contact with the relevant activity co-ordinator who will answer queries and confirm completion for you.


What evidence do I need to supply with my application for Route B DegreePlus?

Under the combined experience route, you will be required to provide documentary evidence of the activities you have engaged in.  Examples include:

  • A signed and dated letter on headed paper from a person in a position of responsibility indicating duration of period of work or activity (such a committee or voluntary work).
  • A reference or a copy of payslip from a part-time job. Please note that any sensitive data e.g. National Insurance Number, or monies received is to be blanked out by candidate.
  • Relevant scanned documents, screenshots and/or photographs e.g. for Erasmus


Where can I get a copy of the Route B application form?

You can download the Route B application form from the Route B webpage.


Where do I send my Route B application to?

Please email your application, evidence, CV & cover letter to degreeplus@qub.ac.uk


I am an active member of 2 different clubs and societies.  Can I use both of those as my two Route B activities?

No.  For the two or more activities that you put forward for Route B accreditation, they must be two different activities.  You would need to show another activity, such as working regularly in a part-time job or completing 4 Skills for Success workshops etc. as the second activity.


I did one activity which is shown on the Route B list and another which I think should be recognised but is not on the list.  Can I still use it?

Possibly.  Unlike the Route A list, the Route B list is not definitive.  We have had individuals who have submitted an application and accompanying evidence for an extra-curricular activity that was not listed on Route B but was accepted.  One example of this was where an individual had started their own business while a student at Queen’s.  They submitted evidence in the form of the record of their business registration and directorship from Company’s House plus a record of the audit of the company’s annual tax return.  


The activity I completed required significant time and work.  Can it be considered for Route A?

To qualify for Route A you must have engaged fully in one of the approved activities advertised on the Route A webpage.  Only activities shown on this list qualify for accreditation via Route A.


I see that Millennium Volunteers is a Route A activity.  I already have that from school /another university, so can I use that for my DegreePlus? 

No.  The activity must have been undertaken from the time that you first enrolled at Queen’s.  Although Millenium Volunteers is a Route A activity, you did not complete it within the same timeframe as being a student at Queen’s. 


When will I receive my DegreePlus certificate?

You will receive your DegreePlus certificate along with your degree parchment at your graduation.


Can I receive my DegreePlus certificate if I don't graduate?

No, your DegreePlus certificate will be presented along with your Degree parchment.  If you leave Queen's early or do not graduate you will not receive your Degree Plus certificate.


How do I apply for the DegreePlus Work Experience (Route A)?

In order to qualify for accreditation, students must:

1.  Secure the work experience and complete it in full.

2. Familiarise yourself with the requirements for accreditation

3.  Log the details of your Work Experience on your Myfuture Account ("Work Experience">"Add a New Work Experience" and make sure you click SUBMIT).

4. Either submit/attach a Work Experience Award application form (with evidence and completed to an appropriate standard) v or make a short presentation to an assessment panel.



Can a student who temporarily withdraws from the University to do work experience for a year seek accreditation for this experience under DegreePlus?

You can apply to have your work experience during your approved year-out accredited in two ways.  The best way is to get in touch with degreeplus@qub.ac.uk in advance of undertaking the experience so that you can complete the Route A Work Experience activity  and be accredited via Route A

However, if you do not notify us in advance, you can be accredited retrospectively via Route B but you will need to combine this with a second activity and submit a Route B application to the DegreePlus Team.


I completed a semester of Erasmus - how do I get DegreePlus?

A semester of Erasmus is a Route B activity and can be used as one of the two experiences outlined in the Route B application.


I completed a year studying with Erasmus - how do I get DegreePlus?

You must complete the report for the Exchange and Study Abroad team (this will be sent to you by them).  They will then inform the DegreePlus Team of everyone who is eligible to receive the Degree Plus Award at graduation.


I completed a year working with Erasmus - how do I get DegreePlus?

Please refer to the provider erasmus@qub.ac.uk 


I already have DegreePlus for another activity, can I do a second one?

Yes.  The DegreePlus Certificate that you receive on graduation day specifies the DegreePlus activity that you completed and can accommodate up to 5 separate DegreePlus activities (most students only complete one, but it is not uncommon for some to do two or more).  


I am a PGT/PGR student.  Can I do DegreePlus?

Most of the advertised DegreePlus activities are open to all students.  UG and PGT students essentially follow the same processes but there may be some slight differences for PGR students. 

  • DegreePlus – Is awarded to Undergraduates (UG)
  • GraduatePlus - Is awarded to Post Graduate Taught (PGT) and works in the same way as DegreePlus and is closely partnered with the Graduate School.
  • ResearcherPlus - Is awarded to Post Graduate Research (PGR) students and is run by the Graduate School. It does also recognise participation in DegreePlus activities as part of this.


Who can I contact for more information?

For queries relating to Route A activities, please contact the relevant provider directly (these are shown in the information about each activity advertised on the Route A list).

For general queries, please send an email to degreeplus@qub.ac.uk

You may also wish to attend a DegreePlus Workshop.  Please check MyFuture for details.

If you are a PGR student, and your query is in relation to ResearcherPlus, please contact pg.skills@qub.ac.uk


I have lost my DegreePlus certificate. How do I order a replacement?

For information on ordering a replacement DegreePlus certificate please click here.