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Information for staff & employers


  • Employers; Community & Voluntary groups; Queen's staff and Students' Union; Professional Bodies and other organisations can apply for DegreePlus Accreditation of extracurricular, work-related learning experiential activities.  Those who are interested, may find it helpful to contact us in this first instance and to discuss the approval process and potential activity with the DegreePlus Manager.
  • To apply, complete the ACTIVITY APPROVAL APPLICATON FORM and submit to us at  It will then be considered against Route A and B criteria by a DegreePlus/ResearcherPlus Activity Review Panel (Route A and B activities are also referred to as "Provider Verified" or a "Combined Experience" Activity respectively) If deemed suitable by the Panel, the approval will be confirmed to you via email. 


  • Students who undertake DegreePlus will be utilising and developing some or all of the 12 DegreePlus Skills.  These skills have been identified through consultations with employers by both Queen's Careers, Employability & Skills unit and wider national  surveys of employers (E.g. Association of Graduate Recruiters). 
  • In addition to being able to gain DegreePlus accreditation for, e.g. extracurricular student Internships or career/professional development programmes, some employers also have agreed formal corporate partnerships/sponsorships with DegreePlus.  For further information or other enquiries about this, please contact


  • Staff with interests in student development and employability, Personal Tutors and those with student project supervision, advice or support roles are asked to encourage them to consider and get involved in DegreePlus/ResearcherPlus.  
  • Guidance on how Personal Tutors, in particular, can refer and encourage their students towards gaining the DegreePlus Award is provided in the Personal Tutor Handbook.


The Executive Summary from the Annual Report for 2016-17 is shown below.  To request a copy of the full report, please contact us at  


The milestone of over 2000 students completing the DegreePlus Award was reached for the first time in 2016-17 (a growth of 7% on the previous year).  1044 of these received their DegreePlus Certificate at Graduation.  In total, there were 14,675 student engagements with DegreePlus publicity events such as workshops; career fair events, induction video and online enquiries.

A total of 130 accredited experiential activities are offered to students across four experiential strands:

·         DegreePlus Work Experience

·         DegreePlus Global (international experiences)

·         DegreePlus Professional (Leadership, Enterprise & Commercial Awareness experiences)

·         DegreePlus Citizenship (includes sport, community & volunteering experiences)

The activities within each strand map to some or all of the 12 DegreePlus Skills.  Students may undertake more than one activity.  During 2016-17, 5 students completed 4 activities and 1 student graduated with 5 activities.  Careers, Employability & Skills, the Students’ Union, Queen’s Language Centre, Queen’s Sport and the Learning Development Service are the largest activity providers.

The University continues to develop employer links with the Award.  EY joined Santander and NICVA as Corporate Partners of DegreePlus during the year.  As well as providing financial support for the award, the corporate partners are also providing accredited activities such as: Discover EY; Santander Internships; Santander Iberian Internships; Santander SME Internship Programme and experiences with NICVA partnered voluntary and community organisations.  Corporate Partners were invited also invited to specific events to engage directly with students e.g. the DegreePlus mini-fair and relevant workshops. Other employers/employer groups that provide accredited DegreePlus activities include the Ulster Officer Training Corp, Royal Navy, the Institute of Directors.  Students may also apply for gap year jobs and summer work with other organisations, large employers and SMEs and have this recognised via the Award.

DegreePlus Accreditations will populate Section 6.1.2 “Recognised Additional Activities” of the student’s Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR).  This encompasses the Diploma Supplement and will become available for students/graduates to share with employers during 2017-18.

A strategic review of DegreePlus was carried out during the year. Among the developments considered are: greater recognition of student achievement and strengthening of employer partnerships within or across the strands.

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NICVA, EY and Santander are corporate partners of Degree Plus