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Routes test 2

 Route B: Combine a Minimum of 2 Activities and Submit a Route B Application

Many activities that are an integral part of university life allow students to gain the skills and experience that employers are looking for.  If you have served as a course rep then you may have gained important negotiating skills or become more confident in communicating with people.  If you have worked in a part-time job then you will probably understand the importance to employers of reliability, good time-keeping and a customer-focused approach to work.

Route B allows students to combine a range of activities to create their own personalised Degree Plus Award.  Students complete at least two extra-curricular activities and can have them accredited for Degree Plus by submitting the Route B Application Form to or in hard copy to Degree Plus, Student Guidance Centre by 1st April of the year they graduate (1st October if graduating in Winter). 

Under the combined experience route, you will be required to provide documentary evidence of the activities you have engaged in.  This evidence may be in the form of, for example, payslips or a written reference from a supervisor. Further advice on providing suitable evidence is available from your Career Advisor/Duty Advisor.

Below is a list of examples of Route B activities.

All of the above list are examples of Route B activities. Any activity you undertake whilst at Queen's, either on or off campus, can get accredited as long as you can demonstrate that you have learned skills from your participation. If your activity is not in the  list then it will fall into Route B.


Amy Breen
Bachelor of Music (with a third of modules taken in French Studies)
Took part in the Career Connections Study Tour and Enterprise SU’s ‘CREATE’ Creative Business Idea competition
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Clare Donnelly

BSc Psychology
MSc Atypical Child Development 
Was on Staff Student Consultative Committee (SSCC), history of volunteering with vulnerable groups, worked as a special needs classroom assistant
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Aoife Kelly

Land Use and Environmental Management
Placement Year, InnovateHer and Study China qualified her for Degree Plus
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Route B: Combine a minimum of 2 Activities and submit an Application