China Queen's College (CQC) Spring Exchange Programme

Selected students undertaking QUB BSc degrees in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology at QUB’s China College will complete an exchange programme at QUB.

This programme involves a four-week research placement within a range of research groups within the School of Pharmacy and other related Schools within the University, and an additional 1.5-week period of additional skills development. During the research placements, the students will carry out laboratory work within the research team, generate and interpret data, and report and analyse the findings.

Following their research placements, the students will spend an additional 1.5-week period gaining additional skills through delivery of presentations, training in cultural awareness, and a visit to a pharmaceutical company.

Throughout this programme the students will gain a range of research-related and interpersonal skills, an enhanced understanding of pharmaceutical research, a greater insight into the research themes within the School of Pharmacy and QUB, improved cultural knowledge of Belfast and the UK, and an enriched global mindset and ability to articulate own skills for better employability.

For further information, please contact Dr. Nicola Irwin or Dr. Shu Li