QUB Cultural Awareness Project

Volunteers carrying out activities within this project will engage in a range of tasks related to the development of a Queens Cultural Awareness Portal, intended to provide international students who are about to undertake study within the University with valuable information relating to their life in Belfast, assisting them to assimilate within both their study and social environments.  Amongst other roles, students involved with the project will work with lead academics to identify key aspects to be addressed via this platform, assist with the creation of a content plan for the development of multimedia content, and ultimately, will work within the team to develop this content for dissemination to the intended audience.

This project offers students a range of skills-development opportunities, including those relating to general employability skills such as project management and team-working, and further, will allow students to gain a fuller understanding of the cultural considerations which must be made to assist success in today’s global employment landscape. Students will also gain a further appreciation of Queen’s culture, as well as that of Belfast, Northern Ireland, and the UK, which in turn will assist with the enhancement of their global outlook and cultural sensitivity and engagement. 

For further information, please contact Dr Dan Corbett or Dr Liang Wang