Starting a Business

If you are interested in being your own boss, have a business idea that can change the world, or know of a better way in which things can be done, you can make it come true by starting your own business while you are completing your degree.

Running your own business can create a life changing future for you, or help you land your dream job by gaining a range of skills in problem solving, using your initiative, leadership and team working.

If you are interested in starting your own business, there’s a wealth of support out there to make your dream a reality. You can set up a business one-to-one with Enterprise SU where you can gain mentoring, advice and support to take your idea to the next stage.

There are lots of competitions run both within the SU and across Belfast to help you win some cash you get your idea off the ground and also lots of opportunities to get involved in to help you generate the skills and experience necessary to make your business a success.

The Hatch is also available as a dedicated space in the Union for students to run their own business for a year, free of charge.

By using the Hatch you will have regular access to:

• Help, advice and support on tap from our expert Advisers.

• Office space along with the use of a computer, a meeting area and kitchen facilities.

You’ll also share the space with up to five other new start up student businesses, which is great for making contacts, getting advice and for bouncing ideas off of others who are in the same position as you!


For further information contact EnterpriseSU.

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