Peer Mentoring Route A

  • Peer Mentoring Route A

Peer Mentoring (Route A)

Subject-based undergraduate Route A peer mentors are trained by LDS to support incoming first years with transition and, in some cases, provide a level of academic support through the facilitation of study groups.

All mentors are trained in one-one and group communication skills, facilitation skills, coaching skills and generic study skills support. 

Route A students’ contribution and engagement with the scheme is monitored by the School/discipline Academic Lead (minimum hours are shown below).  The Academic Lead will also provide a confirmatory list of students who have completed the requirements for Route A to the DegreePlus team at the end of each academic year.

The list below provides a breakdown of the minimum number of hours that a student must engage with the scheme in order to be eligible for Route A Peer Mentoring accreditation.  Some School schemes will require the student to engage in the stipulated activity element for a greater number of hours than has been specified.

  • Application/Selection:  1 hour
  • Peer Mentor Training with LDS: 3 hours
  • Contact with student peers at Welcome Week and in local student meetings and events: 25 hours
  • Completion of a Reflective Report on their experience of peer mentoring (or a formal reflective talk/presentation to those who are considering becoming peers as part of a School event) 2 hours
  • Overall minimal hours of engagement with Peer Mentoring = 31 hours

For further information contact LDS Peer Mentoring.



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