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  • Study Tour - London Law Tour

Study Tour - Law

Students spend a full 5-day week on employers premises in the City of London (around 40 hours).

Students follow either a corporate and commercial law or a corporate finance stream. 

Each group visits between 8-10 employers over the course of 1 week and completes a range of business games, case studies and related exercises. In addition, many companies deliver corporate presentations to the groups.

Student are also engaged in networking events either during the day, for example, lunchtime or after working hours in the evenings, allowing students to make connections with potential graduate employers and with more junior staff who may be helpful in the recruitment process.

Through the weeklong event, students develop commercial awareness, experience life in the world’s leading financial centre and develop critical thinking skills.

This event is open to all students though conditions apply. 

Students must apply for a place on the programme.  Applications are assessed on criteria such as career motivation and academic achievement.

Selected students must attend a half day pre-departure briefing.  Upon return, students must submit a 1000 word reflective account and disseminate their learning through delivering group presentations to  student peers.  

Cognitive/intellectual skills
The programme is designed for students who intend employment in corporate law or corporate finance.  Activities are designed to enable students to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Professional attributes/attitudes which include
Team work, getting involved, initiative, inter-personal skills are essentials of the programme – as are written and oral communication skills.
Self-awareness and development, adaptability, flexibility, coping under pressure and away from home.

Organisational Skills
Being on time with a business like appearance and approach to work is essential- it is expected in the City.   

The 2017 London Law Tour will take place from 23rd to 28th January 2017.

For further information please contact Programmes.

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