Route B

Degree Plus: Route B

Route B allows undergraduate and post graduate taught students to combine experiences to create their own personalised Degree Plus/Graduate Plus Award (Post graduate research students can complete Researcher Plus Route B by applying via the Graduate School).  

Students create a personalised accreditation by combing a range of at least two different extra-curricular activities and can have them accredited for Degree Plus by submitting a ROUTE B APPLICATION FORM to in advance of the Route B Midnight on 1st April/1st November pre-Summer/Winter Graduation deadline.

Details of the STEPS TO TAKE TO APPLY VIA ROUTE B (OR GAIN ROUTE A) are shown in your MyFuture Account

Whichever route you choose, you will be encouraged to use Myfuture to search and book relevant events and work experiences

Route B activites are listed under the 4 strands below: Work Experience Global, Professional and Citizenship.



Work Experience

Work Experience

Programmes, Workshops & Internships

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Outward Internationalisation Opportunities

Global Activity Menu



Career Development, Leadership & Enterprise Options

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Community, Voluntary & Sport

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