Development Weeks - Active Participant

Development Weeks - Active Participant

The Student Development Weeks provide an opportunity for you to participate in taster sessions, guidance workshops or longer more intensive, experiential activities such as leadership courses, field trips, workplace study tours, work shadowing etc.

To be eligible, the student must engage in a minimum of 12 hours of activity which can be made up of e.g. 6 short (2 hour) workshops or a combination of day long, half day and/or 1 or 2 hour events that equates to 12 hours or more of activity.

Students seeking accreditation for this activity must ensure that each event host registers their attendance at each event either by scanning their student card or recording their student number.  This will ensure that the Degree Plus team has a record of the events that the student attended. Following each series of Development Weeks, students will receive an email(s) from MyFuture which will outline the event attended and the hours accrued. Students will receive one email per event attended. All of these emails will need to be submitted as evidence of your attendance when applying for Degree Plus Route B.

Students that attended events during the May 2018 Development Weeks will have started to complete an event attendance log. This is no longer required for Development Weeks 2019 and onwards. If the student has an event attendance log from 2018 then this should still be submitted with your final Route B application. 

An event attendance log is NOT required for any Development Weeks events from 2019 onwards.

As for all Route B activities, Student Development Weeks - Active Participant must be combined with at least one other Route B activity within the student's Route B application in order to be considered for accreditation.

For further information please contact DegreePlus.

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