EEECS Hackerspace Plus

EEECS Hackerspace Plus

EEECS Hackerspace Plus is a series of events, run from the Hackerspace in the School of EEECS, aimed at bringing practical computing knowledge to students complementing the taught degree pathway. 

Many of the values and tenets of the free and open source software movement stem from 'hacker ethics' concerned primarily with sharing, openness, collaboration and engaging in practical hands-on activities. The EEECS Hackerspace Plus events reflect this approach with a specific focus on software, business start-up, security and data centres. It is for students who enjoy the intellectual challenge of creatively investigating systems and engaging in hands-on activities (such as programming, media and events) in a spirit of innovation, playfulness and exploration. 

Students should attend at least 12 hours of the 16 available and write a short (1000 word) reflective write-up on a Free/Open-Source Software (FOSS) topic of their own choosing, demonstrating an understanding of FOSS terminology and issues. Throughout the year the following events are planned for EEECS Hackerspace Plus:

  • BelFOSS - Fri 27th Jan 2017 - a full one-day conference with talks on FOSS including Linux, Programming and DevOps. (8 hours). Register here
  • VR Bootcamp - Date TBC - Event based on the open-source Blender software, Unity and HTC Vive.
  • Data Centre Tours - Wed 14th Dec 2016  - A guided tour of a real-world working data centre (1 hour) Register here
  • CSIT Cyber Security Lab Tour - Wed 8th Feb 2016 - A guided tour of a live network lab devoted to cyber-security research and teaching.  (2 hours) Register here
  • IT Start-Ups - Date TBC - Talks from experienced individuals on the topic of starting your own IT company - the pitfalls (1 hour)

For further information contact Jonny McCullagh

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