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Global Leaders Experience

The Global Leadership Experience takes place in a different global city each year. Previous destinations have included Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur.  This leadership development experience provides students with an active learning opportunity in an international setting within a large, multicultural leadership group (note: the precise location may vary in years beyond 2017). 

The programme offers a significant international networking opportunity and is typically delivered at University campus. It includes student participants from several other universities from across the globe. 

Activities will include information/data understanding, evaluation and presentation.  It will also include a number of on-site visits to employers and other organisations associated with the programme and/or issues being considered by the programme participants. 

Students will be able to develop and share their understanding of global issues and project problems, engage in debates and gain insights into complex decision making processes. 

They will also be expected to evaluate and consider a large amount of complex information from a variety of sources (e.g. governments; NGO; international organisations; employers; community groups; health professionals/organisations; research and financial experts).

This programme is a significant career development experience and a significant opportunity to implement, refine and seek feedback on your leadership skills.  

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