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Active Member of a Club, Society or Committee (E.g.SU, external and SWAN)

Active Member of a Club, Society or Committee (E.g.SU, external and SWAN)

Qualifying activity will relate to active membership of a club, society or committee either within Queen's or through a verifiable external/community organisation.

As engagement in this activity would form part of a Combined Experience application (Formerly Route B), the onus is on the applicant to demonstrate and evidence 'active' membership. Please note that the term'active' indicates an expectation that the candidate will have done more than attend meetings. The candidate must demonstrate and reflect on their contribution to the named club, society or committee.

Examples of active contributions include: a playing member of a sports club, team captaincy; advocacy on behalf of a specific student or other group at a committee; organisational work or making presentations to a committee or society; undertaking a specific representative role; carrying out or assisting a specific committee office post (such as Treasurer/Assistant Treasurer) or actively working as part of a committee or team to plan and/or deliver a particular event.

For further information or requests for written evidence of active membership for inclusion in a Combined Experience or Job application, please contact:

  • Students Union Clubs & or
  • Athena SWAN:  Contact the relevant Athena Swan Group in your School by searching Queen’s website or find out more on the Queen’s Athena Swan webpage.
  • External Clubs or Societies:  Contact the office or a club official (Chair, Secretary or Treasurer) of club or society that you are an active member of, directly.