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Code First Girls

Code First: Girls is a free, part-time coding course taking place on university campuses for high-potential female students who want to be part of the digital revolution.  It is aimed at beginners and is for women students of any age, level and/or subject.

We teach the basics of development in two steps:

1. Our beginners' course introduces HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Git, GitHub collaboration, and more (front-end programming).  These languages teach you how to make a website, how to improve its design and how to push it online

2. Our follow-on course teaches Python, including Sinatra, Heroku and other frameworks (back-end programming). These languages teach you how to make forms, databases, and how to make web based applications.

  • Courses last 8 weeks and take place for 2 hours in the evenings each week. At the end of the course, you will receive a Code First: Girls certificate.
  • Places are limited to 30 students. 

For further information about the course and how to apply, please visit our website, email or join the Facebook group if you have any questions.