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Cultivating Creative Learners in Higher Education

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Cultivating Creative Learners in Higher Education

This programme is facilitated by the School of Nursing and Midwifery in partnership with Arts Care, Northern Ireland.

This unique arts and health charity believes in the benefits of creativity to wellbeing and to enhancing professional care practice. The programme engages students in extra-cirricular workshops to explore their existing knowledge and understanding of anatomy through felt-making.  The use of arts and crafts to enhance learning is well documented, as is the therapeutic effects of engaging in art from a healthcare perspective. Awareness of this is particularly pertinent to nursing students as future healthcare professionals whose role involves promoting the physical and mental health and wellbeing of their patients; so the projects aims to increase students' appreciation of the power of art and craftwork for themselves as learners and for their patients' journey.

The workshops will stimulate deeper learning of existing anatomy knowledge and improve students' study skills through a better understanding of their individual learning style preferences.

The development of these transferable learning and study skills links with other activities offered in the Degree Plus programmes.

For further information contact Katherine Rogers or Meggie Bennett