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Herbert Smith Freehills Workshop

Temporarily Suspended due to Covid 19


Herbert Smith Freehills Workshops

The job market is becoming increasingly competitive. Each year hundreds of graduates are all applying for the same limited number of jobs; 50 what can you do to ensure you are giving yourself the best chance to secure the job you want? Through partnering with QUB, Herbert Smith Freehills (HSF) will be offering a number of workshops and events to help you develop the knowledge and skills you will need to not only to successfully apply for a job, but to build a successful career.

Apply to and attend 8 hours or more of HSF workshops in full (on or off campus).

Students will demonstrate personal initiative, career motivation and persistence in sustaining their attendance and engagement with a series of NSF workshops in keeping with defining features for Combined Experience (Formerly Route B). They will be able to combine this activity with one or more other Combined Experience activities (as advertised on the Degree Plus website) and submit as part of their overall portfolio of application to Combined Experience.

For further information, please contact AnneMarie McGlade or Mary Napier