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In-Sessional English Course

In-Sessional English Course

Students who attend the courses on the In-Sessional English programme regularly are more likely to succeed in their studies and are better prepared to communicate effectively in their future professional lives.

Courses are designed specifically for international students to continue to develop skills in English for Academic Purposes, including effective reading and writing strategies, fluent and confident communication and navigating multicultural environments.

The programme offers courses that are tailored to degree programmes, for example, report writing for Engineering or reflective writing for Nursing. We also offer generic courses (not tailored to degree programmes) for developing a particular skill, such as giving presentations or improving accuracy in English language.

Each course that is tailored by degree programme is an additional, non-compulsory module that most international students will automatically be added to alongside core degree modules. For example, Academic Literacy for Postgraduate Psychology (PSY7111), or English and Academic Skills for Pharmacy (PMY8000).

Some courses invite students to sign up to take part, e.g. Academic Literacy for HAPP (HAP4001). If you are an international student, you will receive email communication about these courses. Please contact if you have not.

For further information email