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Medsin Spread the Word Workshops

Medsin Spread the Word Workshops

This is a unique opportunity to both learn more about the health problems that affect people right across the world  including here in the UK and be able to share the knowledge you will learn with other students.

This activity consists of a series of workshops held at least once a month on various different global health topics from maternal health to the tricks of the pharmaceutical industry on a global scale. Then, on the Wednesday afternoon proceeding each workshop you have the opportunity to 'Spread the Word' so to speak and join us on a stand outside the Students Union to engage with other students and help make others more aware of what goes on and hence 'Medsin Spread the Word'

Participating students will learn how they can make simple acts here in Northern Ireland which can change the GLOBAL landscape with relation to poverty.

They will learn skills on how to be an advocate for a health related issue and learn how to get across the dire circumstances that many people live in, to other student's in a way that won't simply turn people off.

To get involved in this activity please email Medsin.

Visit our website here.