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Peershare is a voluntary extra-curricular programme which runs annually during the Final Year Assistantship where final year students have the opportunity to mentor year 3 students while on clinical practice on hospital wards and GP surgeries. The aims are to help to prepare year 3 students (mentees) for their end of year clinical examinations (June) and to provide interested Final year students (mentors) with an opportunity to mentor and be a role-model to junior colleagues.

Each participating final year tutor is allocated one or two year 3 mentees in order to share knowledge, advice and learning techniques. Allocations are made on the basis of location i.e. groups normally consist of year 3 mentees and 1-2 year 5 mentors who are on placement in the same hospitaV GP practice. Year 3 and 5 students are asked for an expression of interest in December and the allocations are made by Dr Cullen and Mrs Burns in February and published on the PeerShare website.

Mentors (year 5) are required to attend a 3 hour preparation workshop in early March which covers topics such as an update on year 3, techniques for small group teaching and clinical teaching, student support and problem-solving.

Groups are encouraged to meet at least once a week for approximately 2 hours and the content is as student-led as possible and will vary between groups depending on the needs of the mentees and the topics that the mentors are comfortable teaching.

For further information, contact Mrs Eveline Burns.