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Periodic Review and Enhancement Process (PREP) - Student Panel Member

Periodic Review and Enhancement Process (PREP) - Student Panel Member

The Periodic Review and Enhancement Process (PREP) forms part of an integrated internal quality enhancement and review process and is concerned with the identification of issues and the development of current and future provision.  The PREP Handbook can be downloaded here.

Student representatives are full members of the Panel and have particular input regarding the student experience, student feedback and information provided to students.

PREP occurs in approximately five schools per year.  Two students (SSCC reps) are Panel members. Approximately six days are required for full participation.

This comprises of: 

  • Training and Briefing meetings on PREP
  • Consultation with Student Body
  • Two days reviewing advance documentation and providing comments prior to the visit
  • A half-day meeting of the Panel to plan the review
  • Three days visiting the School and conducting the review.
  • A half-day considering the draft report and providing comments

For further information contact Angela Douglas.