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Queens's Academy Mentor

Queen's Academy Mentor

The Queen's Academy is designed to raise the aspirations of young people who are most able but least likely to progress to Higher Education.

The Academy, working with young people from non-selecting schools has 2 strands:

  • The Junior Academy working with young people in year 9-12
  • The Senior Academy working with young people in year 13 through to year 14

Queen's University students have the opportunity to get involved by mentoring young people and participating in the junior or senior academy programmes.

Junior academy mentoring involves being an ambassador for the university, passing on knowledge and experience of university life. 

Senior academy mentoring involves passing on subject and course knowledge to potential applicants.

Mentoring as part of the academy requires a positive and enthusiastic attitude to higher education that will in turn help to raise he aspirations of participants.

Training will be provided as part of this DegreePlus opportunity.

For more information about the Queens Academy please visit the WPU website.