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Sports Club Officer

Sports Club Officer

Have you ever tried scuba diving or skydiving?  Have you been involved in organising sports events or do you want to try something new at university?  Choose from a range of over 50 student sports clubs at Queen’s to get involved, meet new friends and most importantly, make the most of your time at university.  Helping to run a sporting club provides invaluable interpersonal and organisational skills to enhance your future career opportunities.  No experience necessary!  You will be provided with the necessary training and guidance for the role of chairperson, secretary, treasurer and other committee positions.  This is a unique and enjoyable opportunity not to be missed.

Cognitive/intellectual skills:

Only applicable to the running of larger student clubs and the delivery of inter collegiate or or other student led events involving large volumes of participants.

Key skills would include problem solving, co-ordinating, delegating and prioritizing tasks.
Example – Race Director of Queen’s 5K involving over 700 participants, based on a project plan entailing finance, marketing, sponsorship, operations, volunteers etc.

Professional attributes/attitudes:

With particular reference to the running of larger student clubs and the deliver of inter collegiate or other student led events involving large volumes of participants.
Students are able to demonstrate good leadership as well as effective team work by creating project plans, delegating tasks and ensuring delivery on time and within budget.
Students also engage and communication with businesses, organizations and stakeholders external to Queen’s.

Technical skills:

All student club officers would utilize technology to a high level to organize their activities. This would include email, creation of web sites and competent use of Microsoft packages.

Business and organisational skills:

Almost all student club officers would demonstrate key business and organizational skills to run their club activities on a daily basis.  Key duties include:

  • Recruiting members
  • Communicating with coaches
  • Organising training, matches and other competitions
  • Managing club inventory
  • Managing risk
  • Marketing/Communication/PR
  • Finance
  • Club Administration
  • Partnerships
  • Club Development

Usually significant hours inputted in activity but no requirement for personal reflection.  The number of hours might reasonably be approximated at 6 - 8 per week (possibly more for larger clubs/events) for a period of 28 weeks.

  1. Queen’s Sport holds a database of sports club officers.
  2. Queen’s Sport hold regular meetings with clubs organising large scale events – project plans and implementation plans can provide evidence of the skills developed.
  3. Submission of documentation and reports by clubs throughout course of year to Queen’s Sport, aligned to club development requirements.

For further information contact Karl Oakes, Development Officer, Student Sport.