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Sports Coaching and Volunteering

Sports Coaching and Volunteering

Is there such as thing as an enjoyable part time job?  There is in Queen’s if you get involved in the many coaching opportunities that are available through our sports programme.  Don’t worry if you don’t have a recognised coaching award.  You can gain this through our Coach Ed programme and then use your skills in our sports camps, after schools programmes and multi sports events.

If you simply want to gain experience and knowledge of sporting programmes, you can volunteer to organise and deliver a variety of initiatives along with other students such as the Annual Inter Sports Night, Intra Mural Programme or the St Patrick’s Festival, where you will learn new skills and competencies in an enjoyable environment.

Coaches will have to hold a recognised qualification.

Cognitive / Intellectual Skills:
Students should be able to prioritise tasks and decipher information to ensure the delivery of an effective and enjoyable session or event.

Professional attributes/attitudes:
Students will be required to work as an effective team member and demonstrate high levels of communication, leadership and creativity. Students will also get the opportunity to work with a diverse range of people.

Technical skills:
This would include email, use of web sites and competent use of Microsoft packages.

Business and organisational skills:
Whether as a coach or volunteer, students will have to demonstrate high levels of organistional skills an a clear understanding of the objectives of the initiative. Volunteers are likely to gain more experience and exposure to project planning methods to include basic financial awareness and business application. These reflect the criteria outlined in the guidance notes.


For further information contact Karl Oakes.