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Stock Market Challenge

Stock Market Challenge

There are two parts -1 & 2 (2A or 2B) - to complete for the award of DegreePlus Combined Experience (Formerly Route B) accreditation for the Stock Market Challenge:

Part 1:  Apply to and complete the Stock Market Challenge: an online financial markets simulation game.  Students will be joined by representatives of local finance sector employers and the event includes a Q & A session with a panel of company representatives.  For details of the game visit

Part 2A: As part of the Stock Market Challenge, participating employers may offer an Insight Opportunity to one or more winning students. Students who gain and complete an Insight Opportunity are required to submit a short reflective report (no more than 300 words) on the experience. Please note - point 2B below does not apply to students who complete an Insight Opportunity with one of the participating employers and submit the reflective report. Please email if you need a copy of the reflective report to fill in. 

Part 2B: Students who complete the Stock Market Challenge event but do not gain/complete an Insight Opportunity element will need to undertake a mock video interview for a Stock Market related job role.

The interview can be before or after you complete Stock Market Challenge. It is accessed at Myfuture>Information Resources>Mock Interviews and search for 001 Practice Video Interview (General Questions). You should Play back and review the interview using the advice and associated feedback found on the Careers website ‘Interviews’ support section. Note for those using Apple products such as lpads, you may need to use an alternate browser such as Puffin in order to use the Myfuture Mock interview tool.

Careers, Employability & Skills will check the Stock Market attendance records and your recorded mock interview before awarding the Combined Experience accreditation.

For further information contact Queen's Career Programmes