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Student Library Assistant

Student Library Assistant

The Library employs student assistants to participate in the preparation of books for the library shelves; also to re-shelve returned library books and check the sequence of books already on the library shelves, tidying and re-ordering where necessary and supporting stock checks. Students working in public areas are also required to be available to help students find books on the shelves. Students are employed in the cataloguing and acquisitions area of the Library and in the service areas of the Main and Science Libraries. 

No coursework required.

Students must demonstrate the motivation to start and finish the tasks assigned (there is little direct supervision). They also need a good knowledge of how library classification works (as an element of business practice) and are required to adhere to health and safety policies. They need to be able to communicate well orally in order to assist library users where appropriate. A wider understanding of library services is also helpful in this context.

Although consistency and self motivation and understanding of library organisation are important for student library assistant roles, there is little opportunity to develop self-reflection or enhance personal skills more widely. Contact hours would total approximately 180 hours though an academic year.

Posts will be advertised through On-Campus Jobs.