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Transition Skills Module

Transition Skills Module

This transition module is to help level 1 students starting Queen’s in September 2020 prepare for, settle-in, and adjust to university. 

Delivered online through Canvas, the module includes various aspects of the transition to university, covering four main areas:

  1. Orientation - to campus, academic teaching and support, the first year experience, independent learning, and student support services.
  2. Developing as a Student - learning styles, information gathering / using the Library, note-taking, time management, and student life and social support.
  3. Critical Thinking – critical analysis, online learning, and referencing / plagiarism.
  4. Assessment and Support – group work, coursework, exams and revision, understanding and using feedback, and handling stress.

Student participation in the module is self-paced and mostly asynchronous, but there is an opportunity to communicate via discussion forums and live group chats.

Eligibility for Degree Plus (combined route) accreditation is upon completion of all module components.

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