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A Project of QUB Broadcast

A Project of QUB Broadcast

“A Project of QUB Broadcast” is an annual public communications project, anchored in the Broadcast Production subject area at SARC.

Each year, through a competitive pitching process, a cohort of students apply to be considered for the project which will produce journalistic pieces, documentary pieces and creative communication work along a certain theme. The theme and platform of delivery will vary from year to year.

The time commitment involved each year will be 80+ hours. Students will be sourced primarily from the Broadcast pathway (PG and UG) but collaborations will occur and students form other Schools and Faculties are liable to be part of this project in the future.

Each year, “A Project of QUB Broadcast” will lead to a tangible communication output of some kind: a website, a podcast, a radio show, a TV episode, a Vlog, etc.

Each students opting to go for DegreePlus will also submit a video, audio or text-based testimony reflecting on what they gained through the experience and how it made them think about their practice and about post-degree working life.

In 2020, as detailed in the time breakdown above, the project is a website containing various stories (audio, video, print, photo) along the theme of “the environment.”

For further information please contact Don Duncan