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Catalyst Co-Founders

What is Co-Founders?

Co-Founders is a one night a week programme, run by Catalyst, for anyone who wants to be a co-founder in a start-up team and has the desire to explore the viability of a business idea. 

Both students and staff from Queen’s have previously participated.

The Co-founders programme run by Catalyst brings together a wide range of people from diverse backgrounds, allowing you to meet potential collaborators you wouldn’t even know existed.

Through our learning workshops, mentors, events and networking, we’ll help you build a team to ‘try out’ creating a start-up in a safe, risk-free environment. Pre-formed teams are also welcome to join.

The programme is based on Design Thinking and will guide and inform the participant of the process.

The programme outline:

  • Team Formation
  • Problem Exploration
  • Design Sprints with Pitches

The programme typically recruits during Semester 1 to take place during Semester 2.

You can register your interest at any time.

Visit the Co-Founders website