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China Queen's College (CQC) Research Placements at Queen's University Belfast

China Queen's College (CQC) Research Placements at Queen's University Belfast

Selected students currently undertaking QUB BSc Degrees in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology within QUB’s China College will spend time carrying out “mini” research projects within a range of research groups within the School of Pharmacy, School of

Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, and others within the University, which are allied to the skill and knowledge sets possessed by the students in question, and also which align to the students’ postgraduate study interests.

During these placements, these students will work closely with Principal Investigators as well as larger research teams, carrying out laboratory work, gathering and interpreting data, reporting results, etc., which relate to an active area of research work.

Throughout these projects, students will gain a range of experience and skills related to pharmaceutical research, assisting them with their current and future studies, and providing them with a tangible research experience, which will allow students to find out more about this particular career area.

Moreover, students will benefit from a number of events during the evening and weekend portions of their visit, which aim to improve cultural knowledge, etc., of Belfast, Northern Ireland, and the UK.

For more information, please contact Dr. Nicola Irwin and Dr. Shu Li