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China Queen's College (CQC) Student Exchange

China Queen's College (CQC) Student Exchange

Students enrolled on the BSc Pharmaceutical Biotechnology or Pharmaceutical Sciences degrees at QUB will be selected to participate in an exchange programme at QUB's Joint College with China Medical University in Shenyang, China - China Queen's College (CQC). 

The programme will involve 2-weeks of outreach activities including a 4-day research project, where students will shadow postgraduate students in an international research laboratory to understand principle research techniques and from there will be required to design experimental strategies to target the main aims of the research group.

Upon completion students will generate, interpret and analyse collected data before presenting their findings at a research symposium held at CQC. Further, students will develop their cultural awareness with the remaining time by visiting a Chinese international pharmaceutical company, as well as important landmarks such as the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City, the local Chinese embassy etc.

This course is an excellent opportunity for students to improve their pharmaceutical related research, interpersonal skills, but also to enrich their global mindset of international projects. These skills will improve student employability but also career progression in the UK, China and beyond.

For more information, please contact Dr Caoimhe Clerkin