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China Queen's College Industrial Activities

CQC Industrial Activities (Route A)

Level 2 students currently undertaking QUB BSc degrees in Pharmaceutical Sciences/Pharmaceutical Biotechnology within China Medical University.
The Queen’s University Belfast Joint College (CQC) attend a series of pharmaceutical events, the first of which is a local industry visit, followed by the submission of scientific posters, which are subsequently judged by a panel of academics and industry representatives.
An industry expert is invited to CQC to provide an employability workshop, and which also acts as an arena for judging of posters to take place.
12 winning students (based on poster presentation competition results) then visit 2-4 international pharmaceutical companies in China (ShanghaVBeijing) and subsequently reflect on their experience upon their return as both oral presentation and a portfolio.
Career-focused workshops are also provided by pharmaceutical companies during all visits.
This project is designed to enhance BSc students’ knowledge of industrial aspects within pharmaceutical Sciences/Biotechnology fields and provide them with an overview in relation to their career opportunities within these sectors.
For more information, please contact Dr Min Zhao