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Develop Your Leadership Skills (PGR Personal Development Programme)

Develop Your Leadership Skills (PGR Personal Development Programme)

The aim of this programme is to support a ‘whole person’ approach to the PGR experience at Queen’s University through a programme of training and development which complements disciplinary excellence and develops employability and research skills as linked to the Graduate School ‘5 pillars’ described below.

Programme Aims

  • To enable you to receive constructive feedback on your leadership skills and therefore, to build a tailored leadership development plan for yourself.
  • To train and inspire you in relation to key skill areas as related to the 5 pillars i.e. Thinkers, Innovators, Leaders, Communicators and Future-Ready.
  • To encourage you to develop your leadership skills through participation in the wide range of developmental opportunities that will be available within the Graduate School and the University as a whole. 

Through participation in the Student LPI 360 Online you will understand the specific behaviours and actions of exemplary leadership and identify personal strengths and areas for improvement in relation to these.

This programme will not be delivered during the academic year 2020/21.

For further information, please contact Lilian Simones.