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EBN Student Internship (School of Nursing & Midwifery)

EBN Student Internship (School of Nursing & Midwifery)

For the last few years, the School of Nursing & Midwifery have been offering students the opportunity to work alongside academic staff on several co-design projects. The nursing students traditionally join a project-team at the beginning of a project & stay with them until the end (the duration is usually one year).

EBN student interns do not get paid for their participation but will be actively involved (alongside other EBN student interns), in a project from start-to-finish. Unlike ‘research internships’ which traditionally last 4-8 weeks, these EBN Student Interns will stay with a project from design to completion (and be actively involved in any outputs associated with it). At the school we are in process of concluding two such projects (and have plans in development for more in the future).

One project was around the co-development of a digital game to promote dementia awareness (this involved six nursing students) and the second is around the co-development of an educational podcast to promote Parkinson’s disease awareness (this also involved six different nursing students). We would like to acknowledge the contribution of these students (and others who follow) through the degree plus award.

While the activities an intern will engage in are flexible, it is anticipated that most will follow the same process (i.e. learn about the project methods, learn about the project topic, work with service users/academic staff to design and develop the intervention, help with evaluating this and support with disseminating/sharing knowledge).

1. Participate in EBN Internship training

2. Participation in Co-Design Activity

3. Participation in Co-Development Activity

4. Participation in Data Analysis

5. Dissemination Activity 

For further information email Dr Gary Mitchell.