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Elite Athlete and Academy Scholarship and Bursary Programme

Elite Athlete and Academy Scholarship and Bursary Programme

The Elite Athlete and Academy Scholarship Programmes are designed to develop and nurture student athletes at Queen's. Currently there are five academies - Rugby, GAA, Soccer, Rowing and Hockey - with over 35 teams and 600 students competing each year. Add this to the thousands of students active in clubs and societies and sporting alumni worldwide creates a unique collegiate spirit and values base that embodies all that is good about Queen's. 

Rugby and GAA Academy Scholarships are named after Sean O'Neill (Gaelic Football), Jack Kyle (Rugby), Henry Downey (Hurling); sporting legends that have graced the Queen's jersey with pride. 

All our academies aim to support and challenge students by developing areas such as:

  • People - coaching, support staff and students.
  • Facilities - training and competition.
  • Programmes - scholarships, sports science and academic mentoring.

There are currently 11 out of a total of 13 athletes on the EAP scheme representing a range of individual and team sports. Each academy has also set sports specific criteria for students to meet with over 100 Academy Scholarship places available each year. There is now a pathway developed starting with the Student Club feeding into the Academy and then on to the Elite Athlete Programme (EAP). The academy support system correlates to the PDP model of Reflect, Plan, Do and Review. 

Values, attitudes and behaviours are at the core of what the programme stands for.

  1. High standards of achievement and potential are set.
  2. Academic and Sporting performances are reviewed.
  3. A support system is individually designed to meet their needs.
  4. Feedback is given at individual review meetings.
  5. Student athletes are mentally and physically tested.

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