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Engineering Leadership Programme

Engineering Leadership Programme

The Engineering Leadership Programme is an extra-curricular activity being provided by the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering for 10 of its top students in each year. It is being developed in response to feedback from employers that engineering graduates do not have sufficient knowledge and experience of business and leadership to take on leadership roles in their companies without further training. The course will consist of training (courses and workshops) in leadership and business. A leadership journal will be maintained by participants, and two projects will be completed.

It is anticipated that students will gain significantly through the leadership programme, as its focus is to provide participating students with the knowledge, skills and experiences required to be leaders on completion of their degree. Training course contact is likely to include:

  • Personal capability assessment
  • How a business operates
  • Quality management
  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Root cause analysis & problem solving
  • Influencing
  • Negotiating
  • Product design & innovation
  • Business/work ethics and standards
  • Energy management in a company
  • Factory visits
  • Management accounting

This course will require students to commit to a significant number of contact hours, and will require a significant amount of work to be carried out. Self-reflection will be required throughout, and demonstrated through the leadership portfolio students will be required to keep. The projects will require leadership to be demonstrated. Reflection, planning, doing and reviewing will all be requirements for different aspects of the programe.

For further details or to register for this programe, please contact Dr Kathryn Fee