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Erasmus Programme and University Exchange Programmes

Erasmus Study Programme and University Exchange Programmes

The Erasmus and University Exchange Programmes are a great opportunity to spend one or two semesters studying at a university in another country, and have the experience count towards your Queen’s degree.  You can make new friends while experiencing another culture and new ways of looking at your subject.  An Erasmus or University Exchange placement should enhance a student’s employment prospects as employers put a high value on initiative, self-reliance, and maturity of outlook.  They are also looking for staff who can work confidently and efficiently in an international context.  Participation in the scheme may enhance your opportunities in an increasingly international labour market.  

 You are eligible for a period of study abroad through the Erasmus or University Exchange Programmes where this is permitted as part of your Queen’s degree programme and you meet the criteria set out by your School. If the degree programme does not include a compulsory study abroad element then you must seek permission from your School to participate on an optional basis.  


Queen’s degree regulations may specifically require a period of study abroad as an integral part of the degree programme.  If the placement is not compulsory, the period of study abroad will replace a semester or a year of study at Queen's. The marks that a student achieves on placement will contribute towards their degree at Queen's. The duration of a student’s degree programme will not be lengthened due to participation in Erasmus.  Students are expected to undertake a full academic workload during their placement equivalent to 30 ECTS credits (60 CATS points) per semester.

If a student wishes to have their Erasmus placement recognised for Degree Plus, they must also submit a Reflective Report on the placement.

Skills Developed

Students will benefit from learning in a new educational and cultural environment at their host institutions, and will develop skills relating to personal and professional attributes such as independence and team working.

Specific skills may include:

  • Displaying interpersonal sensitivity, global and cultural awareness, moral and ethical awareness and being able to adjust behaviour accordingly
  • Having the ability and desire to learn for oneself and improve one’s self-awareness and performance, to uphold the values of lifelong learning and demonstrate emotional intelligence
  • Demonstrating confidence and motivation to start and to finish the job, adaptability/flexibility, creativity, initiative, leadership, decision-making, negotiating and the ability to cope with stress
  • Developing knowledge of a foreign language

Work to be Completed

For a student on a full year study placement, he/she must submit a Reflective Report to the Exchange and Study Abroad team on the relevant form.  Please email Erasmus for further guidance.

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