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International Challenge or Adventure

International Challenge or Adventure: e.g. Build Tanzania or Kilimanjaro Trek

Students who have undertaken a significant international personal challenge or adventure, with support and relevant training from a reputable charity or other support organisation, may be eligible to retrospectively apply for Provider Verified (Formerly Route A) accreditation.

In order to be eligible, the student must:

  • Have identified, applied and completed all training, medical, legal, fundraising and other requirements for the adventure/challenge of the relevant/reputable charity/organisation.  This would typically involve 40+ hours of preparatory meetings, training, fundraising activity and other preparations.
  • Completed the challenge in full and provide verifiable evidence.  Note that the on-site element of the challenge/adventure must involve between 50 and 200+ hours of the actual adventure/activity challenge.
  • Submit the following for assessment to DegreePlus before 1 November or 1 April in the year of graduation (See Covid-19 Update Below):
    • Verifiable evidence from the supporting organisation of completion of the pre and actual activity in full (e.g. verifiable records of pre-activity training, on-site photographs/social media posts and a confirmatory email or certificate form the supporting organisation).
    • A video log, social media profile (or a 500 word case study) that summarises the personal impact, learning and development associated with the adventure/challenge and how it has influenced your future personal and/or career goals.

For further information contact DegreePlus.

“Covid-19 exceptional deadline extension 2020”

Due to the current exceptional circumstances, there are a further two opportunities to submit the relevant evidence for assessment:
Deadline 1: 19th April 2020
Deadline 2: 9th June 2020