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Languages for Special Purposes

Languages for Special Purposes

The Language Centre offers online courses leading to a Certificate in Languages for Special Purposes. These are available in Spanish for Business. These courses are available at beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. The Certificate will equip students with the linguistic and cultural skills necessary to cope in a range of business situations in the foreign country. Courses can be accessed using the Language Centre’s on-line platform, affording students the opportunity for guided autonomous learning alongside tutor-led sessions.

Students must complete coursework through continuous assessment.

Professional attributes which include:

  • Possessing high level transferable skills such as communication (both oral and written).
  • Displaying global and cultural awareness.
  • Having the ability and desire to learn from oneself and improve one’s self-awareness and performance, to uphold the values of lifelong learning and demonstrate emotional intelligence.
  • Demonstrating confidence and motivation to start and to finish the job

Technical skills which include being able to:

  • Demonstrate the knowledge and experience of working with relevant modern technology
  • Apply and exploit information technology

Business and organisational skills which include being able to:

  • Develop ability to communicate (orally and in writing) within a business context.

Contact Hours: 2 hour per week for 20 weeks

Level of Work: Students are expected to spend a minimum of 28 hours on coursework per module – combination of both written and oral work. The objective is to provide students with improved linguistic ability in both oral and written contexts and development of cultural awareness.

Students must normally pass the three modules in each language to be awarded the Certificate. (Students with GCSE (or equivalent) in Spanish will be allowed direct entry into Intermediate level and Students with A-Level qualification (or equivalent) in a language will be allowed direct entry into the advanced module of that same language.

Student progress is monitored by School of Languages, Literatures and Performing Arts Board of Examiners at each level and students whose progress is unsatisfactory will not be permitted to proceed to the next module.

Students must pass the Advanced Module to be awarded Certificate in Language for Business.

For more information visit Language Centre or email.