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Peer Assisted Learning for Bioscience subjects in Nursing

Peer Assisted Learning for Bioscience subjects in Nursing

The Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) programme for Bioscience subjects in Nursing (Bioscience Nursing PALS) provides extra-curricular support to pre-registration nursing students (known as PAL Learners), through structured revision to consolidate their knowledge of essential and core principals in bioscience subjects that underpin the life science and pharmacology modules on the BSc and MSc nursing degree programmes.

The PAL programme utilises the existing knowledge base among other nursing students - who are known as PAL Leaders.  These student volunteers facilitate a series of guided workshops to help PAL Learners explore key concepts of these core modules in the nursing curricula.  

The PAL programme fulfils Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 3 (Good Health) and 4 (Quality Education) – by promoting education for all and improving health and well-being of participants and subsequently their patients.

For further information contact Dr Katherine Rogers