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Prestige Volunteers

Prestige Volunteers

Prestige Volunteers recognises volunteering efforts or students, through certificates endorsed by Queen's Students' Union for 50,100 and 200 hours of volunteering.

Students must register for Prestige Volunteers. They will then be given access to a record book allowing them to record their volunteering hours (their volunteering hours can be inside or outside of Queen's).

In order to achieve Degree Plus Route A, students must complete 200 hours of Prestige Volunteers over the course of their studies.

Upon successfully verified completion of 200 hours, students must submit a 500 word essay to detailing how volunteering has impacted on their personal and professional development.

Both the 200 hours and the essay elements must be completed by 1st April (summer graduation) of 1st October (Winter Graduation) on the year of the students' year of graduation.

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