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Sólás Kids Educational Den

Sólás Kids Educational Den

In addition to ASD clubs, Sólás also provide a Kids Educational Den for children aged 4-11 who are based in the local areas and are on their Schools' Special Needs Register, stage 1-4.  They may not have a diagnosis but there is clearly concerns about their educational/social development and these children will therefore benefit from one on one tutoring support which is offered after school. 

Support Tutors will be expected to play a role in children's educational development. Support Tutors will most likely be trainee teachers, those interested in undertaking a PGCE, or those currently undertaking a PGCE. They will be expected to undertake an induction programme which will briefly cover some tools and techniques, used to support children struggling with literacy and numeracy. Tutors will also be expected to undertake child protection training. 

Throughout the year we will offer optional additional training sessions to volunteer tutors on such topics as dyslexia, reading recovery and phonics.  Tutors will be allocated to a minimum of 2 children in advance of starting the programme.  Our Kids Den co-ordinator will brief tutors on such topics on the needs of these children and will take the tutor through the children's individual education plan., as prepared by the children's school Special Education Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO.  Tutors will be expected to attend the club before the session starts and have their session prepared.  Tutors will complete the Child's Support Record form at the end of each session, which documents the activities covered by the tutor at each session.  At the end of the first 15 week block, an evaluation of the programme will be carried out by the Kids Den Co-ordinator and tutors, where any additional areas of support will be identified for each child and a review of progress can be tracked. 

Tutor Volunteers will be involved in activities that encourage children to learn and grow and to improve their literacy, numeracy and language skills whilst developing their confidence, interests and creativity.  Volunteers will work with our children to help them increase self esteem and communication skills. 

We work closely with a local Irish Medium School, and therefore are keen to recruit student volunteers who are competent in the Irish Language. 

For further information contact Joan Henderson.