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Summer Studentship (Biological Sciences)

Summer Studentship (Biological Sciences)

The School of Biological Sciences offer a number of studentships each Summer.  The studentships are competitive and are open to all Undergraduate students in the School. 

Academic members of staff have collated a number of appropriate projects and work areas which are linked to their own area of research and expertise. Students will typically spend a 6 to 10 week period working on a specified Summer studentship if successful. 

The process is competitive and students will apply by CV and cover letter indicating suitability and interest.

In addition each year some Academic staff in the School apply to learned Biological societies for grant funding, through which students can be funded to undertake projects and/or research which complements that undertaken in the School, and in addition meet the requirements of the Society.  Typically students are supervised by QUB staff. 

Societies that offer such opportunities include the Society for General Microbiology, Biochemical Society and Society of Biology as well as medical research charities such as the Wellcome Trust.

For further information contact Dr David Timson